Thursday, June 6, 2013

Front Yard

in progress: 22.5" x 27"
     Put some time into this one today. Between ducking back into my studio from the rain and setting up again outside in the front yard, the greens took on an intense chroma from all the rain we've been having. Everything was damp and wet today, and it will probably be a completely different scene when I return outside. I had an initial underlayer which was done in the studio from the photo which inspired the painting. I needed to move things around a bit before getting everything back into alignment outside (this usually happens when I block things in from a photograph). The distortion is subtle, but bothersome none the less.
     The light has shifted significantly since March, when I planned this whole thing out. The setting sun was occurring right about in the middle of the canvas, but has now shifted over to behind our house on the right side. I think I'll just work through it; I either put the painting on hold until the right light situation occurs again, or I just move forward with the current season.
     This scene in our front yard has captivated me recently; it's what I look out at while parked in our driveway with the baby sleeping. This sometimes lasts a few hours, and depending on the time of day, the light can be stunning. I'm looking forward to carving out the space of the trees and branches amidst all these greens, and creating a stillness with the tire swing balancing between the tree trunk and the house.

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