Monday, August 20, 2012

New Studio

     So I recently moved my studio into a different room in our house. I was in our study previously, and had done a few paintings of that space last spring. At the back of our house, we have this great room with high ceilings and awesome light, which we had used as a guest room. Being that we only have a few guests a year, it was a shame not to use it more, so I decided to move my studio back there, and my wife moved her studio to the study I was in.

     Even though I mostly work on my french easel, it's nice to have a large white wall to view current work on. I constructed this temporary wall using plywood and 2x3s and can place my palette stand directly under it. The daylight is very adequate, but I've also placed clamp lights overhead for working at night or when I need extra light. With views of our garden and tree house in the back, it's been really great so far.
     My first painting in the studio has been of the day bed in the room at night. The patterning on the pillows and floor make a nice contrast of textures. I've also included the reflection of my easel in the windows, but my 'portrait' is blocked in the cross hairs of the window moulding. I've got a ways to go still on this, but the painting displays a sense of solitude and quiet reflection that I'm feeling in the space right now.

in progress- 22" x 28"