Saturday, May 18, 2013

Install at Jericho Advisors

     Here's some installation shots of my show, "Wood, Stone, Sky and Steel" at Jericho Advisors. It was nice to get there early and enjoy a drink with my wife and see all the work up. Shows are always good as a marking point, a time to see a large body of work together. Working away in the studio, I tend to cycle through paintings, and put them in my storage rack when they're done. I don't have a lot of wall space to hang them up, but occasionally I'll pull some out and revisit them. In this show, I included a few older paintings (2010ish) from Brooklyn, so it was interesting to see them in the context of the new work. The reception was great, along with a lot of positive feedback. More fuel as I get back to work on some new paintings...stay tuned for updates on those!

with my wonderfully supportive wife, Faith

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